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Claire Dhèret
Head of Social Europe and Well-Being Programme
Senior Policy Analyst
Claire Dhéret is Head of Programme and Senior Policy Analyst at the European Policy Centre where she leads the EPC’s Social Europe and Well-Being Programme. Her current work focuses on employment, social and health policies and how EU policies in these areas can positively impact citizens’ life.

Claire has worked on various research projects, including with the EU institutions, and has led several Task Forces and expert groups, in particular on youth unemployment and social investment. She has also been Programme Leader of the FutureLab Europe programme, which aims to encourage young people to be active European citizens and shape the future of their continent.

She writes on a wide range of policy areas related to European economic and social policies, including cohesion policy, the EU budget, mobility of workers, the future of European industry, EU governance, social cohesion and well-being. She is a regular commentator in the media, acts as external expert for EU institutions and/or research institutes, moderates and participates in a range of public debates.
Prior to joining the EPC, she was responsible for the Brussels office of the Robert Schuman Foundation, a French think tank.


Social Europe and Well-Being


The future of work - Towards a progressive agenda for all, Social investment , Coalition for Health, Ethics and Society (CHES), Youth employment

Areas of expertise

European social model(s), employment and social policies, mobility of EU workers, EU health policies & health systems, EU governance, EU cohesion policy, industrial policy, and the EU budget.

Current positions


Postgraduate Programme in European Studies, Free University, Berlin, Germany
BA in History and German, Sorbonne University & Free University, France & Germany


French, English, German


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Health systems Healthcare / CONFERENCE
11th European Public Health C
The intervention was part of a skills building seminar which aimed to contribute to capacity building in knowledge translation and evidence-informed decision-making in public health. It focused on the need for secure access to and sharing of health data, digital infrastructure development, and people’s empowerment and endorsement.

11th European Public Health Conference
29 November 2018 - Ljubljana, Slovenija

Unpacking the EU’s plan on dig
The publication contributes to the debate on the transformation of health and care in the European Digital Single Market. It focuses on the need to develop a comprehensive approach that takes into account data protection and security, the development of digital infrastructures, and the need for education and trust.

01 January 0001 - ,

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