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  European Migration and Diversity  

The European Migration and Diversity  (EMD) Programme provides independent expertise  on European migration and asylum policies. The EMD Programme's analyses seek to contribute to sustainable and responsible policy solutions and  are aimed at promoting e a positive and constructive dialogue on migration.
The programme follows  the policy debate taking a multidisciplinary approach,  examining both the legal and political aspects shaping European migration policies.  EMD analysts focus, amongst other topics, on the reform of the Common European Asylum System; the management of the EU’s external borders; cooperation with countries of origin and transit; the integration of beneficiaries of international protection into host societies; the links between migration and populism; the development of resettlement and legal pathways; and the EU's free movement acquis. The EMD team benefits from a strong network of academics, NGO representatives and policymakers, who contribute regularly to publications and policy events.


EPIM Policy Update December 2019
By Olivia Sundberg Diez - 17/12/2019
Migration / BOOK
Chapter 2: EU Agencies
By Evangelia (Lilian) Tsourdi - 11/12/2019


Migration / SPEECH
Beyond Return: In search of durable and humane solutions for people in a precarious or irregular residence situation
Olivia Sundberg Diez spoke at the ‘Beyond Return’ Conference organised by Belgian civil society and taking place at the Belgian Federal Parliament. She presented on post-return risks and the structural shortcomings of EU return and readmission policy in tackling them.

09 December 2019 - Belgian Federal Parliament,
Migration / SPEECH
Presentation of 'From Tampere 20 to Tampere 2.0' project's findings
Marie De Somer spoke before the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament  to present some of the findings of the “From Tampere 20 to Tampere 2.0” Project

02 December 2019 - ,
Migration / VACANCIES

Marie De Somer was appointed as visiting professor at Sciences Po, Paris where she will teach a course on ‘EU Human Rights Law and Policy’

15 November 2019 - ,


Head of European Migration and Diversity programme and Senior Policy Analyst
Immigration, Citizenship, Integration, Inter-Institutional Relations, Free Movement of Persons
Policy Analyst
Common European Asylum System, Refugee Law, Migrants' Integration, Multiculturalism, Politics of Migration, EU Citizens Rights, Free Movement
Policy Analyst
Return and Readmission, External dimension of EU migration policy, Integration, Common European Asylum System
Programme Assistant

EU Asylum and Migration Law, Common European Asylum System, External Borders Management, Climate Change-induced Displacement

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