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Project Presidency - Belgian Council Presidency 2024

In January 2024, Belgium assumed the Presidency of the Council of the EU for the thirteenth time. During the Belgian Presidency, the EU will go through a significant semester, culminating in the European Parliament election in June. It will be in Belgium’s hands to finalise as many of the 150+ legislative open files as possible. Beyond that, the country will steer the debates on the European Council's Strategic Agenda, following the motto “protect, strengthen, prepare”. The Presidency's priorities extend beyond the six pillars, including the rule of law, democracy, competitiveness, and climate change, to encompass the complex geopolitical landscape and finalise ongoing legislative initiatives before the election.

Between January and June 2024, the EPC will join with the Egmont Royal Institute to organise debates on policy issues.

The aim of the project is to:
  1. Establish an independent dialogue platform to discuss the policy priorities of the Belgian Council Presidency.
  2. Provide analysis and recommendations on the policy priorities of the Council Presidency.
  3. Promote greater dialogue among Brussels and regional perspectives within Belgium, effectively leading to a broader discussion of debates on European affairs.
  4. Strengthen European cooperation among think tanks beyond national perspectives.



Head of the Transnationalisation Programme & Connecting Europe Project Leader
EU Governance, EU institutions, democracy, Germany, European elections, EU reform
Policy Analyst
Foreign, security & defence policy, human security, enlargement, infrastructure, Russia, Eastern Partnership, Indo-Pacific, innovation
Research Fellow
Migration and asylum governance, social inclusion, climate change, EU-Russia relations

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