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Health & healthcare / DISCUSSION PAPER
Violence against women: A public health crisis
By Victoria Pedjasaar - 27/11/2023
“Grain from Ukraine” continues to ensure global food security
By Amanda Paul - 27/11/2023
A reaction to the Dutch elections
By Elizabeth Kuiper - 24/11/2023
Climate & energy / EPC FLASH ANALYSIS
EU’s renewable hydrogen agenda: Ambition vs reality
By Marialena Stagianni - 24/11/2023
AI won’t be safe until we rein in Big Tech
By Georg Riekeles , Max von Thun - 22/11/2023
Migration / COMMENTARY
EU Crisis Regulation: Securing reforms or constructing a crisis?
By Olivia Sundberg Diez - 20/11/2023
Transatlantic affairs / EXTERNAL PUBLICATION
Transatlantic Guardrails: Fostering sustainable EU-US relations
By Ricardo Borges de Castro - 17/11/2023
Social Europe / COMMENTARY
Enhancing social policy objectives in EU policymaking
By Lieve Fransen , Elizabeth Kuiper - 15/11/2023
EU enlargement / EPC ROUND-UP
Enlargement Package marks a turn in policy to the East
By European Policy Centre - 14/11/2023
Health & healthcare / DISCUSSION PAPER
Ending the HIV epidemic in Europe: Moving toward the 2030 sustainable development goals
By Elizabeth Kuiper , Danielle Brady - 14/11/2023
The EU-Georgia love story: Time to get engaged
By Iana Maisuradze - 06/11/2023
The EU’s approach to climate mobility: Which way forward?
By Helena Hahn , Melanie Fessler - 26/10/2023
Transatlantic affairs / COMMENTARY
The EU-US summit: Time to focus on geopolitics
By Georg Riekeles , Frances G. Burwell - 20/10/2023
Well-being / COMMENTARY
Protective, preventative policymaking fit for the future
By Aileen McLeod , Laura Rayner - 19/10/2023
Donald Tusk is back: Finally a new era in Polish-EU relations?
By Teona Lavrelashvili , Tomasz Bielecki - 19/10/2023
Mental health / EPC FLASH ANALYSIS
Well-being first: Redefining priorities for Europe’s mental health
By Laura Rayner , Elizabeth Kuiper , Danielle Brady - 10/10/2023
What can we expect from Fico's government in the EU...another Orban?
By Teona Lavrelashvili , Radovan Geist - 05/10/2023
EU enlargement / COMMENTARY
The perennial question: To widen or to deepen?
By Fraser Cameron - 22/09/2023
Economic governance / COMMENTARY
Smart diversification: Economic security through diplomacy
By Ricardo Borges de Castro , Raúl Villegas - 21/09/2023
Time for the Georgian Dream to deliver Georgia’s Dream
By Amanda Paul , Iana Maisuradze - 15/09/2023
General news / PRESS RELEASE
Equinor to support strategic thinking at the EPC
By European Policy Centre - 13/09/2023
Health & healthcare / DISCUSSION PAPER
Is the European Health Union ready for the challenges of the 21st century?
By Elizabeth Kuiper , Danielle Brady - 12/09/2023
EU enlargement / COMMENTARY
From rhetoric to action on enlargement: A three-pronged way forward
By Corina Stratulat , Teona Lavrelashvili - 11/09/2023
Citizen participation / REPORT
Assessing the European Citizens' Panels: Greater ambition needed
By Johannes Greubel , Perle Petit , Andrey Demidov - 06/09/2023
Going Erasmus on green cities
By Elizabeth Kuiper , Gianluca Spinaci - 05/09/2023
General news / MESSAGE
Culture this summer: What to read, watch and listen to
By European Policy Centre - 23/08/2023
Afghanistan / REPORT
Soldiers out, civilians left behind: EU lessons from the evacuation of Kabul
By Mihai Sebastian Chihaia , Georg Riekeles - 16/08/2023
For whom the bell tolls: Quo vadis Turkish opposition?
By Ayşe Yürekli - 01/08/2023
Cybersecurity / DISCUSSION PAPER
A quantum cybersecurity agenda for Europe
By Andrea García Rodríguez - 17/07/2023
Environment / COMMENTARY
Making sense of the EU’s Nature Restoration Law
By Filipe Ataíde Lampe , Jule Zeschky - 14/07/2023
Air pollution / DISCUSSION PAPER
Towards a cleaner air in Europe: Time for a stronger vision and more action
By Annika Hedberg , Stefan Sipka , Simon Dekeyrel , Melanie Fessler , Danielle Brady - 06/07/2023
Germany’s national security strategy: What does it mean for Europe?
By Filipe Ataíde Lampe - 03/07/2023
Spain / NEWS
CERV - ELEVATED Regranting: Project Presidency - Spain 2023
By European Policy Centre - 03/07/2023
Post-Summit Briefing / UPDATE
Upcoming event: EPC Update on the June Summit
By Fabian Zuleeg , Jacki Davis , Georg Riekeles , Janis Emmanouilidis - 29/06/2023
Bosnia-Herzegovina / DISCUSSION PAPER
Leaving Dayton for Brussels: Reviving Bosnia’s constitutional reform
By Berta López Domènech - 28/06/2023
Security & defence / EPC ROUND-UP
Countdown until the NATO Vilnius Summit: Priorities and expectations in 2023
By Amanda Paul , Jamie Shea , Ivano di Carlo , Mihai Sebastian Chihaia , Ricardo Borges de Castro , Ionela Ciolan , Iana Maisuradze , Federica Zizzi , Benedetta Berti - 22/06/2023
Erdoğan reloaded: What to expect and what should the EU do?
By Amanda Paul , Demir Murat Seyrek - 20/06/2023
Strategic foresight / COMMENTARY
From foresight to forethought: No longer lost in translation?
By Fabian Zuleeg , Ricardo Borges de Castro - 15/06/2023
Security & defence / OP-ED
Memo to NATO’s future Secretary General
By Ricardo Borges de Castro - 09/06/2023
Economic governance / DISCUSSION PAPER
Economic security: A new EU paradigm?
By Fabian Zuleeg - 08/06/2023
General news / NEWS
EPC appoints Garvan Walshe as new Head of Communications
By European Policy Centre - 01/06/2023
Transatlantic affairs / PUBLICATION
Here’s what to expect on China, AI, green energy, and more when EU and US officials meet in Sweden
By Annika Hedberg , Georg Riekeles , Andrea García Rodríguez , Philipp Lausberg , Frances G. Burwell , Olga Khakova - 30/05/2023
EU reform / OP-ED
EU ethics reform… what ethics reform?
By Georg Riekeles - 25/05/2023
Social Protection / DISCUSSION PAPER
Regulating platform work: How will this impact migrant workers?
By Tommaso Grossi , Andreina De Leo - 22/05/2023
Security & defence / POLICY DIALOGUE
EPC High-Level Policy Dialogue: Josep Borrell
By European Policy Centre - 15/05/2023
Brexit / OP-ED
The Stormont Brake — Brexit over or future headache?
By Georg Riekeles - 27/04/2023
Future of Europe / COMMENTARY
Overcoming the European Progress Illusion
By Fabian Zuleeg - 26/04/2023
Well-being / COMMENTARY
Wanted: An Executive Vice President for the Well-being Economy
By Aileen McLeod , Laura Rayner , Elizabeth Kuiper , Danielle Brady - 25/04/2023
General news / PRESS RELEASE
Friends of EPC Fund launched
By European Policy Centre - 21/04/2023
Transatlantic affairs / DISCUSSION PAPER
The US-EU Trade and Technology Council: Assessing the record on data and technology issues
By Andrea García Rodríguez , Frances G. Burwell - 20/04/2023
AI has escaped the 'sandbox' — can it still be regulated?
By Georg Riekeles - 18/04/2023
Security & defence / POLICY BRIEF
Advancing military mobility in Europe: An uphill battle
By Mihai Sebastian Chihaia - 11/04/2023
Funding the EU’s external migration policy: ‘Same old’ or potential for sustainable collaboration?
By Evangelia (Lilian) Tsourdi , Nasrat Sayed , Federica Zardo - 03/04/2023
China / SPEECH
EPC - MERICS Keynote Address: Ursula von der Leyen
By European Policy Centre - 30/03/2023
Georgia must get its act together to become an EU candidate country 
By Amanda Paul , Iana Maisuradze - 27/03/2023
EU support is crucial for Israel's liberal democracy
By Marta Mucznik , Carmiel Arbit - 24/03/2023
Ukraine’s accession talks need bold action in Kyiv and Brussels
By Amanda Paul , Svitlana Taran - 24/03/2023
General news / MESSAGE
Declan Kelleher appointed Chair of EPC Governing Board
By European Policy Centre - 16/03/2023
Climate adaptation: The race to cool down Europe’s cities
By Filipe Ataíde Lampe - 13/03/2023
Inequality / COMMENTARY
Gender equality: No time to rest
By Laura Rayner , Elizabeth Kuiper , Danielle Brady , Victoria Pedjasaar - 08/03/2023
Strategic foresight / OUTLOOK PAPER
Europe in the world in 2023: Learning the language of power?
By Amanda Paul , Andrew Duff , Ivano di Carlo , Shada Islam , Mihai Sebastian Chihaia , Ricardo Borges de Castro , Iana Maisuradze , Georg Riekeles , Maxime Sierro , Rita Mendonça Barbosa Amorim Lobo , Simon Dekeyrel , Marta Mucznik , Svitlana Taran , Philipp Lausberg , Zeynep Güner , Berta López Domènech - 22/02/2023
Russia’s defeat in Ukraine must be the top transatlantic priority
By Amanda Paul , Svitlana Taran - 21/02/2023
What now for the future of Ukraine’s healthcare system?
By Elizabeth Kuiper - 20/02/2023
Economic governance / DISCUSSION PAPER
Resetting the EU’s business model after the watershed
By Marco Buti , Marcello Messori - 13/02/2023
Digitalisation / DISCUSSION PAPER
Digitalisation: An enabler for the clean energy transition
By Simon Dekeyrel , Melanie Fessler - 31/01/2023
Energy poverty / COMMENTARY
Europe must fight energy poverty more effectively
By Philipp Lausberg , Tijn Croon - 19/01/2023

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