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The future of work

The EPC research project ‘The future of work: towards a progressive agenda for all’ addresses the ongoing transformation in the world of work and the impact that levers such as globalisation, automation, digitalisation and artificial intelligence are having on labour markets and society at large. The project aims to gather evidence of good practice and identify solutions to these challenges. It focuses mainly on: the impact of technological change on certain sectors and the overall structure of the labour market; a new foundation for our social protection system in the light of labour market transformation. The first axis is supported by a series of events with relevant stakeholders, experts and policymakers, while research on the second area is carried out via the EPC task force on Social protection in the 21st century. The Task Force, supported by the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions (CESI), Zurich Insurance and the World Employment Confederation, seeks to draw up recommendations for social protection in the 21st century, and contribute to the ongoing debate about the social dimension of the European project.



Future of work / ISSUE PAPER
The future of work: Towards a progressive agenda for all
By Claire Dhéret , Simona Guagliardo , Mihai Palimariciuc - 09/12/2019
Future of work / PUBLICATION
Preparing the armed forces for disruptive technological changes
By Claire Dhéret , Mihai Palimariciuc , Natanael Rother - 13/09/2019


Policy Analyst
Future of work, resilient social protection, public services, affordable housing, European social policy, Central and Eastern European welfare states

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